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Accessory - Habitat Heater

Accessory - Habitat Heater

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This is a  graphene flexible infrared reptile heating pad that is manufactured to work well under enclosures of all kinds. The heat is relatively low and includes a temp control dial, so the overheating danger to your egg or mantis is minimized. Depending on how cold it is, you may wish to drape a towel completely or partially over the enclosure. We recommend using a thermometer to achieve the ideal temperature.

If you're hatching an egg case or two, you'll want to keep it consistently warm or it may not hatch. If you have newborn mantis nymphs or even adults and juveniles, you want to keep them warm and happy so they can grow and stay in top health.

Whether they be reptile, amphibian, bird or praying mantis environments, this heater is a great choice.  These heating mats can be slipped under your mantis enclosure and will keep your friends  nice and toasty.

  • Measures 11'' x 11'' (28x28 cm)
  • Power- 110v 28w U. S. Plug

You do not want your mantis or egg case overheating. We recommend a thermometer so you can easily monitor the temperature. You'll find that HERE.

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