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Praying Mantis Discovery Kit

Praying Mantis Discovery Kit

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This Discovery Kit includes the living ootheca (also called an egg case) OR a pair of living juveniles, your choice. The egg case will hatch at least 100 little babies after 2-8 weeks of warmth. You can let some go in your garden for pest control and you can keep some as pets. The living juveniles are normally at the L2-L4 stage, You'll also receive the cube mesh enclosure with an artificial plant for the interior, a mini mister to provide water and the living food to feed the newborn mantids. In addition, this kit is educational with items to discover the praying mantis with - life cycle figures, magnifying glass and an excellent care guide book that will make you an expert in the field.

Please note: Eggs may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to hatch. Therefore, since the flies will thrive and reproduce for 4-5 weeks, we cannot guarantee that you will still have flies available should the egg case take on the longer side to hatch. You may need to acquire additional food.

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