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Silkworms - Small

Silkworms - Small

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Feed your Praying Mantises Silkworms and watch them grow like magic! Silkworms are an extremely nutritious soft-bodied caterpillar that feeds exclusively on mulberry leaves or our prepared silkworm food. A small amount of silkworm food is included with your order, but if you would like to grow these silkworms much larger or keep them for more than a week or so, please order additional Silkworm Food.

These silkworms are around 1/2'' or less. Don't worry too much about the size of the silkworm - they are soft-bodied and not too strong so your mantises can eat silkworms larger than they are! And silkworms grow very fast, so if these silkworms are a bit on the small size, just follow the instructions and they'll be big enough in no time.

If you need larger silkworms than these, try our Silkworms for Adult Mantises

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