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Enclosure - Cube Mesh for Babies and Adults

Enclosure - Cube Mesh for Babies and Adults

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This cage is perfect for all ages of praying mantis, from nymph to adult. Tiny newborn mantises and their prey WILL escape from the tiniest of openings. Don't let that happen - get this cage. There are no tiny openings to allow escape. This enclosure is collapsible, lightweight, durable, even washable. (Use 10% bleach to sanitize.) It folds almost flat! There are five fine mesh sides to promote healthy air flow. One clear vinyl full side window for easy viewing of contents and a large zippered opening for easy access. Proven design has been used to raise thousands of healthy critters. Fine mesh will stop ants, wasps and other nasty predators while keeping mantid babies in.

  • Size- 12 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Cage only
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