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Accessory - Habitat Thermometer

Accessory - Habitat Thermometer

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It's important that your living mantises and/or egg cases don't overheat. While you do want them to stay nice and warm, you don't want to harm them. That's why this electronic digital thermometer for your mantis habitat is a must have. The design is very convenient because the temperature sensor is a separate small probe that can be tucked away out of sight in the enclosure. The read out module is outside of the enclosure for easy access. Just suction cup it to the back or below. It's also made for an aquarium, so the probe will be completely safe inside your misty, damp enclosure.

How to use:

  • Place the probe somewhere inconspicuous inside your mantis enclosure and leave the display module outside. You might suction cup it to the back our your enclosure.
  • Press the PWR button. The LCD display shows the ambient temperature of the probe.
  • Press and hold the PWR button for 3S to turn off the power.
  • Toggle switch is choice between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


  • Power: DC 1.5V battery (LR44)- Included
  • Product size: 2.25'' × 1.5'' × .6''
  • Display size: 1'' × .5''
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