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Accessory - Tillandsia Air Plant

Accessory - Tillandsia Air Plant

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This tillandsia air plant is a great choice to include inside of your mantis enclosure. Since it's an air plant, it needs no soil. This makes it an ideal choice to use in your praying mantis enclosure habitat setup since most people don't have terrariums as the enclosure (though you can).  It also boasts a number of benefits, such as easy maintenance and relatively low light  needs. This plant also will enjoy the daily misting that we recommend you give your mantises. When thriving, this plant will bloom and even multiply, producing "pups".

Small, attractive & easy to grow- Get yours today!

  • Care: Tillandsia enjoys frequent misting and high relative humidity. Enjoys bright indirect light. No direct sunlight. 
  • Size:  About 4''-5'' wide and long.
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