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Fruit Flies 1/16'' - Wingless - WITHOUT Culture

Fruit Flies 1/16'' - Wingless - WITHOUT Culture

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☆ SIZE: 1/16 inch
★ FLY COUNT: 500 - 700

FLIES ONLY - NO Feeding Culture included. The flies must be either used right away or fed your own food and kept in your own feeding cultures in order to stay alive after you receive them. Please see our Fruit Flies with Feeding Culture if you need food for the flies.

Fruit Flies are one of the best and most common first meals for your newborn praying mantis nymphs. These Fruit Flies DO NOT fly, they are wingless drosophila melanogaster and are about 1/16th inch. Start with these, then move onto the larger D. hydei flightless fly soon thereafter.

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