Our Basic Praying Mantis Kit includes everything you will need to grow and raise your juvenile praying mantises. You'll get two living Chinese juvenile mantises. We also offer this kit with the egg case instead of the living mantis. One or both kits may not be available during certain times of the year. You'll also get: Our mantis cube mesh enclosure; Hundreds of live flightless fruit flies to feed your new buddies; A fruitfly culture which will propagate hundreds if new flies; And a mini water mister.

Basic  Kit with live mantises

Enclosure is a cube with five fine mesh sides to promote healthy air flow while keeping your juveniles from escaping, one clear vinyl full side window for easy viewing of the praying mantises and a large zippered opening for easy access. Flightless fruit flies are shown as they are shipped to you with the kit. Upon receipt, just pour the flies into the feeding container and they will live and reproduce without any fuss.