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Supplies for Praying Mantis

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Praying Mantis Enclosure
For Adults

If you want to keep your praying mantises long-term, you'll need a separate cage or enclosure for each. This cage is PERFECT for your treasured pets. The clear acrylic is great for unobstructed viewing. Small door on top allows for easy access without disturbing the entire lid. Note: This is NOT for newborn mantises or for hatching your egg case - the nymphs can escape. It is not for juvenile mantises still eating fruit flies - the openings are very small, but big enough to allow flies to escape. (Cage Only)

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praying mantis enclosure - adult
More Detail Here

Cube Mesh Enclosure
For Nymphs or Adults

This cage is also perfect for all ages, from nymph to adult. Tiny newborn mantises WILL escape from the tiniest of openings. Don't let that happen - get this cage. There are no tiny openings to allow nymphs or their food to escape. This enclosure is collapsible, lightweight, durable, even washable. (Use 10% bleach to sanitize.) It folds almost flat! You can hang it from the ceiling. There are five fine mesh sides to promote healthy air flow. One clear vinyl full side window for easy viewing of contents and a large zippered opening for easy access. Proven design has been used to raise thousands of healthy critters. Fine mesh will stop ants, wasps and other nasty predators while keeping mantid babies in.
(Cage only) Vegetation shown inside is not included.
Please see our Mantis Kits Here.
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nymph enclosure
More Detail Here

Pop-Up Praying Mantis Cage
For Nymphs or Adults

This pop-up, free-standing praying mantis cage is similar to the mesh-style nymph enclosure shown above, but it is much larger. At 18'' tall and 10'' in diameter, this enclosure will allow plenty of room for growing mantises. This cage is made from see-through mesh and has a clear zipper opening at the top to allow easy access. It is collapsible (folding almost flat), lightweight, durable, even washable. (Use 10% bleach to sanitize.) It can stand freely on its own or be hung from the velcro handle.

This mantis cage provides the perfect environment for young entomologists to raise their specimens and, this style cage is quickly becoming the most popular cage used in elementary classrooms today. (Cage only)

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pop up enclosure
More Detail Here

Insect Cup
with Breathable Lid- 5 pack

Perhaps you'll keep just a few hatchlings from your mantis egg case and let the rest go - easier to care for ! Just place a few branches and leaves inside. This item can be used to house individual specimens. We recommend one newborn or very small praying mantis per cup.

Container is 32oz, Lid is Poly-Fabric covered breathable holes.
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insect cup

Insect Tongs

This product is perfect for handling ANYTHING you'd rather not handle, including insects that you need to place inside your praying mantis enclosure. Or maybe you just want to personally hand your baby a treat. Lots of people do "hand feed" their mantids. The adult hand-fed mantises are tame, inured to humans and unafraid.

Length - 6''
Material - Stainless Steel

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insect tongs

Praying Mantis Gift Certificates    
What an EXCELLENT Gift for your animal-loving friends who would relish raising these fascinating and fun creatures. Or maybe someone needs a biology presentation or experiment for the school Science Fair. How about a present for the BUG LOVER - you know who they are.

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