Our Discovery Kit includes either the egg case or 2 living mantises, depending on which kit is ordered. You'll also receive the nymph enclosure with an artificial plant for the interior and the living food to feed the newborn mantids. You will also receive educational items to discover the praying mantis with - life cycle figures, magnifying glass and a book designed for young readers with lots of detailed, colorful photos.

Discovery Praying Mantis Kit


The life cycle figures and illustrated book will teach and show you what to expect throughout each stage of this amazing process. The magnifying glass will allow up-close study. The mantis egg case is shown inside enclosure (center of image). This kit is available with either the egg case or the living mantises. The artificial plant shown is included, but the living potted plant shown in this image is not included.

Enclosure is a cube with five fine mesh sides to promote healthy air flow while keeping your nymphs from escaping, one clear vinyl full side window for easy viewing of praying mantises and a large zippered opening for easy access. Flightless fruit flies are shown as they are shipped to you with the kit. Upon receipt, just pour the flies into the feeding container and they will live and reproduce without any fuss. You'll get either the egg case, which will hatch after about 2-8 weeks, or you'll get the living juvenile praying mantis. Let the DISCOVERY begin!