Wingless Fruit Flies - D. Melanogaster


Drosophila Melanogaster is the scientific name for this fruit fly. Because it does not have wings, it will not fly, making it possible to easily use as a food source for your pets. This item includes a feeding culture where the flies will reproduce, allowing you to propagate hundreds and hundreds of fruit flies over the lifetime of the culture.

You should order this item with your praying mantis egg case. Or, order our Praying Mantis Kits that come with the flies. The praying mantis egg case can hatch anywhere from a week to a month after you receive it. This item comes with extra flies to use very soon should your case hatch very soon. After a period of a week or two (depending on temperature), the flies will begin reproducing inside the feeding culture shown below, providing a continuous source of food for whenever your praying mantis egg case hatches.

We see it all the time- Folks have no food when their egg case hatches, they are caught off guard. Order now and don't be unpleasantly surprised with very hungry mantis babies when the egg case hatches.

D Melanogaster Culture

Image shows feeding culture and one container of d. melanogaster fruit flies as they are packed and sent to you. Upon receipt, place all the flies into the culture to begin the reproductive cycle. Or place 25-50 in the culture and use the rest right away.